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MES Solution

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Solution

Manufacturing execution systems identify inefficiencies and optimize production. This powerful system can be everything from Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) for one area of a plant to a fully integrated solution with a paperless plant floor and everything in between. Implementing these features takes deep process and control system knowledge and because every plant has different processes, machinery, KPIs, and process targets the best solution is going to be a tailored fit. At NorthWind we utilize production and process data for plant optimization with a manufacturing execution system developed for you, with you.

Project Process

NorthWind’s Agile Project Implementation Process ensures the MES solution your facility needs is the one you receive. Through the process our MES developers work with the company stakeholders and work station experts to deliver user friendly modules that don’t just display data, but highlight what needs attention to make decisions quickly.

MES Modules

Every production facility has different priorities, KPIs, and targets. Because of this each facility, and even workstation within the plant, may have different modules developed for them. Many modules center around production status, quality control, schedules, and digitizing production processes. Below are just a few modules that manufacturers have found helpful, keep in mind, with a custom solution, anything is possible.

Paperless plant floor icon. Computer and table outlines for MES solutions.
Production Schedule

Production rates and trends show if they’re on schedule.

Uptime icon. Gear with three lines leading to chart dollars and clock for MES solutions.
equipment status

Quickly see uptime, down, idle, running status with codes for why the equipment was not running.

center lining icon. Chart with target for MES.
center lining

Trend real-time production status with a target rate for production for quick production status.

Integration icon. Computer with API written and connection lines for MES solutions.
Inventory Verification

Automatically verify inventory levels from the production floor to the ERP system.


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MES solutions replace traditional paper-based manufacturing procedures and implements a proactive approach to manufacturing execution. Sometimes manufacturers implement reporting functionalities that fall within the scope of MES and sometimes a full-scale MES solution is integrated across the entire plant. Regardless of the size of the solution, the results of implementing MES include decreased costs and increased support for continuous improvement and lean initiatives.