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Installation Services

NorthWind Installation Services, an electrical installation company

NorthWind Installation Services takes pride in providing excellence and advantage to our customers in the industrial world.  Our team of trained electricians is dedicated to delivering efficient, safe installations, starting with the estimating and pre-construction planning phase all the way to the final installation.

A quality NorthWind installation, delivered the first time every time, gives you the advantage of a quick startup, less downtime and a smoother process when the job is finished.

Electrical Installation Conduit
Electrical Installation Conduit
Electrical Conduit
Automation & Controls by NorthWind

Whatever the size or complexity of the project, over the past 20 years NorthWind has been exceeding customer expectations on everything from simple programming changes to full installation projects. Our diverse technical team allows us to provide a wide variety of services to meet any industrial automation needs.



Technical Support