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Installation Services

NorthWind Installation Services, an electrical installation company
Electrician Wiring Panel
The NorthWind electrical installation team provides quality electrical installations for customers throughout the United States. Our team is dedicated to delivering efficient, safe installations, starting with the estimating and pre-construction planning phase all the way to the final installation.

We are located in Kansas and travel throughout the United States providing quality installations. We hold electrical licenses in over 75% of the continental US.

Industrial Electrical Installation Team

When choosing an electrical installation team for your plant’s expansion, retrofit, or new facility, it is advantageous to look for one with industrial experience. Having hands on experience with process equipment, large motors, ethernet capable devices, PLCs, and being familiar with control system electrical drawings, not only speeds whole installation process but can ensure a smoother startup.

4 Best Practices for Control System Modernization

4 Best Practices for Successful Control System Modernization 

Electrical Installation

One of the biggest concerns with control system modernization is the amount of time it will take for installation and requalification. Working with an industrial electrician with the expertise to understand how to work within schedule constraints and provide creative, custom solutions to meet outage windows is critical. Installation can be done in phases, during production downtimes, or any other number of solutions to keep downtime at a minimum.

Automation & Controls by NorthWind
Whatever the size or complexity of the project, over the past 20 years NorthWind has been exceeding customer expectations on everything from simple programming changes to full installation projects. Our diverse technical team allows us to provide a wide variety of services to meet any industrial automation needs.
3D Motor Control Panel Design as part of our automation solution
Panel Technician Wiring industrial automation Panel
HMI Graphics
NorthWind Service Technician assisting customers