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Industry experts in pet food automation

With thorough knowledge of the pet food manufacturing industry and food safety regulations, a pet food automation solution by NorthWind optimizes your facility in everything from the batching and recipe management systems to continuous extrusion, coating and quality control.



End-to-End Control and Visibility

Having trouble teaching operators how to effectively use multiple control systems for all the equipment needed in your production lines?
With a NorthWind whole-line control system you can eliminate that difficulty and confusion with a simplified control system that extends from end-to-end, from truck/rail unload to packaging. Follow that up with our on-site operator training for a seamless automated production solution for your entire production line.

Formula Management

NorthWind control systems allow for ease of use and flexibility in management.

Keep one formula database for both batch and continuous processes. Product formulas include ingredient set points as well as process variables.


Food safety protocols require more visibility and monitoring of ingredients used in pet food manufacturing.
Trace ingredients through your entire manufacturing process with lot tracking, storage and reporting capabilities. Lot numbers for liquid and dry ingredients can be traced through multiple systems from source to finished product.


NorthWind makes it easy to collect and use the data that is already available in your plant operation so you can make better, more informed decisions.

We can help you collect information about everything from critical control points and run parameters to ingredient usage and system alarms or alert you when a piece of equipment is due for maintenance. Information is stored in a way that can be pulled up at any time for analysis and comparison to real-time data.

Software Solutions

NorthWind PlantLOGIXsoftware is explicitly designed to simplify and streamline your factory process. AlarmLOGIX®, BatchLOGIX®, and BatchMATE® were created specifically for the pet food industry to provide more visibility of your plant, seamless lot tracking and time savings.

BatchLOGIX® – A recipe management tool designed specifically for recipe storage, campaign management and traceability. With BatchLOGIX, your recipes can be as flexible as you need them to be. Customizable set points for both ingredients and process equipment can be configured in the system. Historical data can be accessed through easily customized reports to target specific information using filters. Once created, reports can be exported to Excel, WORD, RTF, or PDF for sharing.


AlarmLOGIX® – An analytical notification tool that allows high level system monitoring for quality control and safety. Alarm notifications are automatically sent to the staff that needs to know at the first sign of trouble, ensuring problems are taken care of quickly. Data is stored and can be pulled for trend analysis.


BatchMATE® – Hand batching ingredients is a necessary, but often error-prone step in most pet food facilities. BatchMATE helps eliminate operator error by quickly guiding them through the weighing process. Ingredient ID and lot numbers must be scanned before ingredients can be weighed, ensuring automated lot tracking and ingredient accuracy.

What’s next?

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