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Mixing & Batching AUtomation

Mixing and Batching Automation Solutions
The key to successful mixing and batching automation is implementing the right recipe management system.

In today’s industrial environment, recipes are more complex than just ingredient weights or proportions.

Common recipe complexities

  • Multi-stage ingredient additions
  • Temperature dependent vs time dependent
  • Variable mixer speeds
  • One mixer blends multiple products

To meet these challenges, NorthWind provides a diverse and robust recipe management system, called BatchLOGIX®. Process variables are defined for all process equipment and can be modified for specific recipes. Ingredients can be added simultaneously or in stages within any sequence. Materials and finished products can be mapped to specific containers to prevent cross contamination. Advanced traceability features are available to provide accurate lot tracking with minimal operator interaction to reduce errors. All batching data is stored in an SQL database which can be queried to create data-rich, customizable reports. In addition, the NorthWind BatchMATE® Hand-Add product dovetails nicely with BatchLOGIX, providing the same level of detail to hand-added ingredients as BatchLOGIX provides with bulk automated ingredients

NorthWind also leverages our many years of experience in specific mixing applications to provide advanced algorithms and other features to our clients.



For plastic compounding, our Batch Delay Optimization algorithm strikes the perfect balance between avoiding double batching errors and minimizing idle time for the mixers. >>Learn More


In the dough mixing arena, a NorthWind system can read product temperatures entering the dough mixer and make proactive adjustments in the temperature of added water or even call for a specific amount of ice to achieve the right final dough temperature even within tight tolerance limits. >>Learn More

Pet Food

In pet food, we have become proficient at the art of weaving batch processing into the middle of a continuous process with the ability to make on-the-fly adjustments to process variables to prevent system upset conditions. >>Learn More

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Pet Food Bag IconPet Food
NorthWind has thorough knowledge of the pet food manufacturing industry and food safety regulations. We can optimize your facility in everything the batching and recipe management system to continuous extrusion, coating and quality control.
Bread IconFood & Beverage
With an automation solution from NorthWind, you get more than just a control system. We draw on our many years of process experience to find the best automation solution and with features that fit your food processing needs.
PVC Plastic PipePlastics
As an automation leader in the plastics industry, NorthWind is you’re premier option when retrofitting an older system, adding a new production line, or incorporating new equipment into an existing line.
Factory IconAdditional Industries
NorthWind engineers work in a variety of industries every day, adding new machinery, processes, or materials to our repertoire. We draw on our variety of experiences with each project to deliver a streamlined control system.