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Grain Handling AUTOMATION

Automation solutions for grain handling and processing

NorthWind provides grain handling automation solutions to grain elevator and processing facilities throughout the United States. Our control systems include grain conveyance, hazard monitoring, temperature and moisture monitoring, motor control, and automated loadout.

Grain Conveyance

Conveying grain accurately is critical.

The cost of cross-contamination by adding a commodity to the wrong bin or shutdowns is high. NorthWind’s System allows for automatic bin inventory management and helps maintain safe operation of your equipment.

grain handling and processing HMI screen showing grain conveyance to bins.
Temperature and Mositure Monitoring
Our control systems provide valuable real-time data.

NorthWind systems are reading 500-700 temperature and moisture sensors throughout each bin. Hot spots are quickly detected, and drying/cooling zones can be tracked, leading to more efficient aeration management.

HMI screen showing grain bin temperature
Automated Loadout
Minimize errors and increase efficiency.

NorthWind’s control system integrates directly to your order system or ERP software for automated loadout. Our system reads the RFID tags on the trailers and automatically fills to order ensuring accurate and timely fulfillment.

Hazard Monitoring

Equipment and personnel safety is at the forefront of NorthWind’s control strategy. Hazard monitoring is used throughout the conveyance equipment and designed to shut down equipment if unsafe operating temperatures are reached or a slip in equipment belts occur.

Hazard Monitoring HMI Screen for Grain Handling

Grain Milling

NorthWind has vast experience providing milling automation solutions to customers making product for pet food manufacturing, animal feed, and food ingredients. We understand the importance of preventing cross contamination and accurate ingredient delivery. Our recipe management software has features built in to mitigate the risks of cross contamination and our control algorithms ensure ingredient weighments stay within set tolerances.


The NorthWind PlantLOGIX software is explicitly designed to simplify and streamline your factory process. AlarmLOGIX®, BatchLOGIX®, and BatchMATE® were created specifically for the pet food industry to provide more visibility of your plant, seamless lot tracking and time savings.
BatchLOGIX - Recipe Management Software Logo

BatchLOGIX® – A recipe management tool designed exclusively for recipe storage, campaign management and traceability. BatchLOGIX allows you to be as flexible as you need to be with your recipes. Customizable set points for both ingredients and process equipment can be configured in the system. Historical data can also be accessed through easily customized reports to target specific information using filters. Once created, reports can be exported to Excel, WORD, RTF, or PDF for sharing.

NorthWind PlantLOGIX Security

With NorthWind PlantLOGIX™ Security, users are able to log in and navigate seamlessly between all applications in your automation system. As an added safety feature, users are automatically logged out after a pre-set time of inactivity, helping to keep your system secure. The chip in employee badges can also be utilized with an RFID reader for user log in.

BatchMATE logo

BatchMATE® – Hand batching ingredients is a necessary, but often error-prone step in most pet food facilities. BatchMATE helps eliminate operator error by quickly guiding them through the weighing process. Ingredient ID and lot numbers must be scanned before ingredients can be weighed, ensuring automated lot tracking and ingredient accuracy.


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Thermistor, RTD and Thermocouple graph

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