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NorthWind Engineers get the opportunity to work in a variety of industries every day
NorthWind Versatility

Each project is unique and adds new machinery, processes, or materials to our resume.
This variety has allowed us to broaden our experience and thinking to grow. We draw on that experience with each new project to deliver a streamlined control system. If your facility isn’t in one of the industries we have highlighted, ask us about our portfolio for your industry.

Food & Beverage

Pasta on convey line
At NorthWind we have experience working in the food and beverage industry, particularly with mixing, batching, and continuous-feed processes.

This experience with automating food and beverage processes, combined with our expansive knowledge of food safety regulations, gives us the ability to not only efficiently automate your factory, but to also supply you with powerful recipe management, seamless lot tracking, and historical and real-time reporting tools that give you the plant operations visibility that you need.


Grain Elevator
NorthWind provides process automation services to clients for a variety of applications across the agricultural sector, including grain handling, milling, and chemical batching for seed treatment.

The ability to monitor your system is a critically important aspect of process automation systems in the agricultural industry. Our staff works to develop systems that give you valuable real-time data and feedback, including built-in alarms and overflow indicators that are designed to ensure safety and accuracy at every stage of your process.


Carpet Manufacturing
NorthWind has broad experience in the carpet industry which makes us uniquely qualified to provide process automation services to clients in the carpet and textiles sector.

Our expertise includes liquid PVC blending and applications, line speed and tension control, and curing-oven burner management. NorthWind’s comprehensive understanding of the industry’s needs, combined with engineering and programming proficiency, can provide you with process automation solutions that boost your plant’s productivity and reliability.


Mixing & Batching

NorthWind has been automating mixing and batching systems since our doors opened in 1997. We built software around the batching processes, looking for ways to enhance it. We are able to efficiently stage and time ingredient usage for bulk and micro ingredients and optimize specific mixers.


Automating extruders is another area of expertise for NorthWind. We have controlled new extruders as well as retrofit older extruders for both the Pet Food and Plastics industries. We have in-depth knowledge of the extrusion processes that can be applied to your facility.