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2751 Antelope Road, Sabetha, Kansas 66534


NorthWind has the experience you need to efficiently utilize your controls and automation.

Whether you are upgrading existing controls, adding new equipment, or building a whole new manufacturing facility, controls and automation should be at the forefront of your planning process. It is the heart and soul of your manufacturing system.

As a system integrator, NorthWind has the experience and knowledge necessary to help your manufacturing equipment run as efficiently as possible in order to produce high quality product and increase profitability.

We bring years of industry and process experience to every venture. Having worked in a multitude of different industries, we have seen, worked on and interfaced with a variety of different processes and machines, many of which are very specific to those industries. This experience, innovation and the NorthWind approach to control system integration can be put to work for you so your system, whether large or small, works the way you need and expect it to.


Automating extruders is another area of expertise for NorthWind. We have controlled new extruders as well as retrofit older extruders for both the Pet Food and Plastics industries. We have in-depth knowledge of the extrusion processes that can be applied to your facility.

Mixing & Batching

NorthWind has been automating mixing and batching systems since our doors opened in 1997. We built software around the batching processes, looking for ways to enhance it. We are able to efficiently stage and time ingredient usage for bulk and micro ingredients and optimize specific mixers.

Industry Expertise

Pet Food IconPet Food
NorthWind has thorough knowledge of the pet food manufacturing industry and food safety regulations. We can optimize your facility in everything the batching and recipe management system to continuous extruision, coating and quality control.
Bakery IconFood & Beverage
With an automation solution from NorthWind, you get more than just a control system. We draw on our many years of process experience to find the best automation solution and with features that fit your food processing needs.
Plastics IconPlastics
As an automation leader in the plastics industry, NorthWind is your premier option when retrofitting an older system, adding a new production line, or incorporating new equipment into an existing line.
Additional Industries IconAdditional Industries
NorthWind engineers work in a variety of industries every day, adding new machinery, processes, or materials to our repertoire. We draw on our variety of experiences with each project to deliver a streamlined control system.