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Automated Micro Ingredient Batching
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Automating The Micro Ingredient Batching Process

With BatchMATE®, minimize the time and effort of accurately storing lot numbers and weighing ingredients on the plant floor. Whether you are pre-batching kits or dosing directly into production, BatchMATE provides solutions that connect this island to the rest of the plant.

Hand adding ingredients is often an error-prone step in the manufacturing process. The most common errors include mistakenly recording lot numbers, adding the wrong ingredient, and inaccurately scaling ingredients. These simple mistakes cause an inconsistency in your product. BatchMATE was designed to eliminate these errors while quickly guiding the operator through the weighment process.

BatchMATE’s Feeder option adds labor savings and consistent accuracy to some or even all these hand weigh ingredients. Hand filled feeders will automatically and reliably weigh up each ingredient into a container, limiting the workload on the operator to dumping the container in the mixer and refilling feeders.

Lot Tracking

Lot numbers are scanned immediately following the ingredient IDs. A unique code is assigned to each campaign and is printed and placed on the campaign bucket. Before adding the hand-batched weighment to the batch, the code will be scanned recording all ingredient and part numbers in BatchLOGIX.

Recipe Management

BatchMATE integrates to your recipe management software. When you release a campaign, BatchMATE downloads the recipe and is ready for order fulfillment.

integrating feeders

BatchMATE seamlessly integrates feeders into the hand batching process, operating concurrently or stand-alone with manual weighments. This compact design serves as a suitable replacement for full Minors systems, positioned conveniently close to mixers. The integration of automatic feeders enhances efficiency and precision, optimizing operational workflows.

With feeder availability in both LIW and GIW versions, this solution is designed make micro ingredient inclusions more efficient for any process.

BatchMATE stand with feeder integration. Showing the automated micro ingredient batching station complete with screen, two scales, one feeder, scanner, and printer.