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Automated Hand Batching
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Automating the Hand-Batching Process

BatchMATE minimizes the time and effort of accurately storing lot numbers and weighing ingredients on the plant floor.

Common hand-batching errors:

  • Incorrectly recording lot numbers
  • Adding the wrong ingredient
  • Inaccurately scaling ingredients

BatchMATE was designed to eliminate these errors while quickly guiding the operator through the weighment process.

Ingredient Accuracy

Before scaling an ingredient, the operator is prompted to scan the ingredient ID. ID’s must match before the system allows scaling.

Lot Tracking

Lot numbers are scanned immediately following the ingredient IDs. A unique code is assigned to each campaign and is printed and placed on the campaign bucket. Before adding the hand-batched weighment to the batch, the code will be scanned recording all ingredient and part numbers in BatchLOGIX.

Recipe Management

BatchMATE integrates to your recipe management software. When you release a campaign, BatchMATE downloads the recipe and is ready for order fulfillment.