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Process knowledge and experience

When you work with NorthWind, you get more than automation – you get process knowledge and experience.

Our experience providing control systems spans across many different industries. Everyday we are providing automation solutions for new processes and machines! Our three main industries include Pet Food, Food & Beverage, and Plastics. We also have substantial experience in Milling, Ag, Building Products, and Automotive. This broad range of industries has allowed us to see a variety of processes and control many different machines.


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Grain Handling

If you don’t see your industry listed or you have a unique process, ask us about it! We love automatiNG new processes and machinery!


As a system integrator, NorthWind has the experience and knowledge necessary to help your manufacturing equipment run as efficiently as possible in order to produce high quality product and increase profitability. Our experience, innovation and the NorthWind approach to control system integration can be put to work for you so your system, whether large or small, works the way you need and expect it to.


Automating extruders is an area of expertise for NorthWind. We have controlled new extruders as well as modernized older extruders for both the Pet Food and Plastics industries. We have in-depth knowledge of the extrusion processes that can be applied to your facility.

Mixing & Batching

NorthWind has been automating mixing and batching systems since our doors opened in 1997. Our software solutions are able to efficiently stage and time ingredient usage for bulk and micro ingredients and optimize specific mixers.


The NorthWind PlantLOGIX™ suite of software is a powerful tool designed to streamline and simplify factory processes, taking your plant to the next level and allowing you to get the most out of your automation system.