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A higher level of system monitoring

For years, many maintenance personnel and plant operators have been blindly acknowledging alarms because they consider them a nuisance. Worse yet, many remove the alarms altogether or set them too high in order to avoid triggering the alarm. This can lead to increased wear on equipment and inefficiencies, both of which cost you money. Even more seriously, this activity can eliminate safety features in the system and endanger the safety of your workers.

AlarmLOGIX is an event-driven data collection tool that provides maintenance and production managers greater capabilities to monitor the system for quality control and preventative maintenance. Time-based, operator functions and setpoint driven event can trigger the collection of multiple data points in AlarmLOGIX. This data is stored into a SQL database and can be queried for further analysis.

Events may also be set up to send remote notifications via email and/or text message to the appropriate personnel. Production managers can know immediately when a product is out of spec, and maintenance managers get critical alarms no matter where they are in the plant on a timely basis.