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NorthWind has over 20 years of experience designing and building automation systems for PVC compounding processes. 
The NorthWind Solution
Whether your project includes modernizing older controls systems, adding new blend towers and extrusion lines, or incorporating new equipment into an existing line, NorthWind is the premier option. Our goal with every plant is to make your process as efficient as possible.
Blend Tower Automation
Increase throughput by reducing batch delay times.

NorthWind’s innovative programming strategy optimizes the throughput of blend towers by minimizing the batch delay times. It is common to have fluctuation in batch times due to resin, air temperature, humidity, time of day, and many other factors. To minimize these fluctuations, NorthWind has devised a control strategy that monitors the timing of critical batching steps and automatically changes delay times by utilizing predictive tuning methods. This strategy can increase batch throughput by up to two additional batches per hour, depending on the system size.

Material Delivery
Accurate and timely material delivery is critical to prevent batch delays.
From rail and truck unload through extrusion, NorthWind transfers materials efficiently. Our material mapping software prevents errors by only allowing material to be transferred to the correct location
Plastics Extrusion Lines

NorthWind’s experience in the plastics automation industry gives us the ability to skillfully retrofit existing systems or develop new ones to increase output and improve your operation’s efficiency. One area where this is especially true is with extruder controls.

One of the largest benefits of a NorthWind control system modernization is added visibility of your process. By replacing old mercury sensors with intelligent solid state relays all critical extrusion information is located on one interface.

Additional benefits of a NorthWind extrusion control system:

  • Automatic maintenance alerts for critical areas
  • Monitor heat and loop breaks
  • View run rates and tracking of ingredients
Plant Integration

Your plant consists of many different pieces of equipment working together to produce quality products.

NorthWind specializes in tying all those pieces together to create one seamless control system. This full plant automation solution provides increased plant visibility and allows you to monitor your entire plant no matter where you are.

Software Solutions

The NorthWind PlantLOGIX suite of software includes Recipe Management, Data Management, and Role-Based Access Control Software. The software suite provides tools and information in the most usable, time-saving format.

Formula Management

NorthWind’s Formula Management Software has the flexibility you need with an easy to use interface.

Campaign Scheduling

Production schedules are easy to create and maintain in the user-friendly interface.

Informative Reporting

Historical trends, alarm logs, custom reports, and KPI Dashboards are easily accessed.

Remote Monitoring

Monitor and troubleshoot production from anywhere with remote access from a laptop or smart phone.

What’s next?

Want to learn more about working with NorthWind Technical Services to automate your plastics plant?