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Leader in the plastics industry

NorthWind is a leader when it comes to automation in the plastics industry. Whether it’s a retrofit of an older controls system, addition of a brand new production line, or incorporating new equipment into an existing line, NorthWind is the premier option.

PVC Blending

We have over 20 years of experience designing and building automation systems for resin blending processes, positioning us as a leader in the plastics industry. This experience and vast field of knowledge is applied to your process, ensuring that your investment results in an automation solution that works for you.

Through our experience with Blend Tower Controls, NorthWind has developed a programming strategy that optimizes the throughput of blend towers by minimizing batch delay times. Because batch times can differ depending on the type of resin, air temperature, humidity, time of day and a variety of other factors, NorthWind has devised a control strategy that monitors the timing of critical batching steps and automatically changes delay times utilizing predictive tuning methods. This strategy can increase batch throughput by up to two additional batches per hour, depending on the system size.

Our extensive knowledge and state-of-the-art batching software allows us to create solutions that optimize blending processes and maximize your returns on equipment investments.

Recipe Management
BatchLOGIX® is a flexible recipe management tool with the scalability and horsepower to accommodate systems of any size.

Create your production schedule by loading recipes and set priorities.

A full set of reports for historical trends and alarm logs are easily accessed.

Plastics Extrusion

NorthWind’s depth of experience in the plastics automation industry gives us the ability to skillfully retrofit existing systems or develop new ones that will increase output and improve your operation’s efficiency. One area where this is especially true is with extruder controls.

One of the largest benefits of a NorthWind controls system is added visibility of your process. By replacing old mercury sensors with intelligent solid state relays you will have one interface showing all of the critical information for your extruder. You will receive alerts when critical areas need maintenance, monitor heat and loop breaks, as well as view run rates and tracking of ingredients.

Software Solutions

The NorthWind PlantLOGIX suite of software solutions are designed to simplify and streamline your factory process. BatchLOGIX®, BatchMATE® and PlantLOGIX® Security can be configured specifically for the plastics industry to provide more visibility into your plant operations, deliver seamless lot tracking capabilities and save you time.


BatchLOGIX – Hand batching of ingredients is a necessary, but often error-prone function in the plastics industry. BatchMATE helps eliminate operator error by quickly guiding users through the weighing process. Ingredient ID and lot numbers must be scanned into the system before ingredients are allowed to be weighed, ensuring automated tracking and ingredient accuracy.

NorthWind PlantLOGIX Security

With NorthWind PlantLOGIX™ Security, users are able to log in and navigate seamlessly between all applications in your automation system. As an added safety feature, users are automatically logged out after a pre-set time of inactivity, helping to keep your system secure. The chip in employee badges can also be utilized with an RFID reader for user log in.


BatchMATE – Hand batching ingredients is a necessary, but often error-prone step in most pet food facilities. BatchMATE helps eliminate operator error by quickly guiding them through the weighing process. Ingredient ID and lot numbers must be scanned before ingredients can be weighed, ensuring automated lot tracking and ingredient accuracy.

What’s next?

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