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Flexible recipe management software
Production and Information Management

Whether scaling recipes into a batch or metering ingredients into a continuous system, a flexible recipe management tool maximizes the performance of your plant and increases product consistency. BatchLOGIX® has the scalability to accommodate systems of any size.

Recipe Management
A recipe consists of a list of ingredients, ingredient amounts and sequence for combining those ingredients, and the amount to be made (batch size). BatchLOGIX recipe management software is a dynamic, robust program that manages the ingredients and equipment set points in both batch and continuous processes. The result is consistent product with each recipe selected.
Campaign Management

Create a campaign schedule using different recipes from the campaign manager screen. Campaigns can be released upon startup or scheduled for future.

Lot Tracking

Trace ingredients through your entire manufacturing process with lot tracking, storage, and reporting capabilities. Lot numbers for liquid and dry ingredients can be traced through multiple systems from source to finished product.

Material Mapping

With BatchLOGIX ingredient locations can be mapped without changed the PLC program or the recipe. Material mapping also prevents delivering ingredients and product to the wrong location.

BatchLOGIX Campaign Schedule Screen

Historical data is easily access with advanced filtering capabilities. With multiple table and graph formats for easy interpretation as well as the ability to export for easy sharing.

BatchLOGIX Reports Screen