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NorthWind Control Engineer programming
Dryer HMI Screen
Mixer HMI Screen
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PLC Programming

A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) is an industrial, digital computer adapted for control of manufacturing processes. NorthWind designs an intelligent system using structured code appropriate for your process. The benefit of a NorthWind-designed PLC is its flexibility and ease of use.

HMI Configuration

A Hand Machine Interface (HMI) is a graphical interface that displays the status of variable in a system, including such things as motor or valve status, temperature, pressure and others. NorthWind configures its HMIs to provide easy-to-read, valuable feedback to plant operators, managers, and maintenance personnel. This gives personnel directly involved in plant operations the tools they need to keep your plant running smoothly and efficiently. We have extensive experience with The FactoryTalk­­­® software suite, Wonderware­­­®, Magelis­­­® and other HMI platforms.

Custom Programming

Whether you are looking to bring a new control system online, or update an existing system, NorthWind programmers have the extensive process experience and application knowledge necessary to design and implement a system that meets your needs on time and affordably.

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The ability to modify, maintain and troubleshoot PLC programs is becoming an increasingly difficult task these days. Beyond the need for skilled personnel, the complexity of the software requires continual training and annual service agreements. NorthWind QuikLOGIX­­­® is a program configuration tool that can ease this burden.

PID Control Loops

PID control loops can be very useful in automation and in many different applications. They can be used to control a feeder used in a loss in weight or gain in weight system, or to control pumps that need to run to a setpoint. They can also be used in motion applications with different position targets while maintaining the position against external forces. To illustrate the functional flexibility of PID control loops, I will describe a parallel PID implementation. This example is illustrated below with a block diagram of this control algorithm.

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