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Good design is the foundation of a successful project
NorthWind employs rigorous standards at every stage of your project, using detailed design to speed the installation process and improves startup.
You will experience reduced project costs and production downtime while also realizing a more efficient and organized process. Our engineers draw on extensive process experience and expertise to create an automation solution for your process that is efficient as well as easy to maintain and upgrade. Because we use powerful design tools, you can expect a superior product and reduced design time.
NorthWind Engineers Editing Drawings
Panel Layout Drawing

Panel layout and design drawings

This aspect of design includes Process & Instrumentation (P&ID) Drawings, complete control panel layout drawings, Input/Output diagrams and other schematics that fully illustrate your controls project.

Plant Flow Drawing

Process flow and instrumentation drawings

This phase of design lays out the “roadmap” for your project. Material flow, piping, major pieces of mechanical and electrical equipment and other items important to your process are illustrated and connections shown. The NorthWind project team will select unit processes that are based on your criteria and that optimize the economic, regulatory, safety, and convenience conditions of your plant.

3-D mechanical and plant layout

Assess functionality and space requirements of your new process before expending major resources with this 3-D design tool. Modeling checks to ensure equipment placement and process flow works for your process and in your design space. This reduces development costs, saves time and ultimately enhances the efficiency of your project.

Questions about a NorthWind Solution for Your Project?

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