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Why Work With Us

The NorthWind Advantage
At NorthWind, you the customer are our first priority.

You can be assured that we listen to your story and work to understand your needs in order to develop a controls system that will make your plant run more efficiently and profitably. Our software was developed so that it is quick and simple for operators to use while still providing real benefits. We have a dedicated service team that is available to answer your questions and for remote support to keep your plant running. Our engineers are highly trained so that they know as much about your process as you do.

Support You Can Rely On

You’ll feel safe knowing that an experienced service technician is just a phone call away. Our dedicated service team is available for remote or on-site support, project management and supervision, system startup and troubleshooting, maintenance, and operator training.

System Integrator of the Year Awards
2023 System Integrator of the Year
NorthWind is Named 2023 System Integrator of the year by control engineering and plant engineering magazines

The annual award is presented to top-notch system integration companies like NorthWind based on criteria in three main areas: use of industry best practices, technical competence, and customer satisfaction.

Each year, a panel of magazine editors and industry expert judges select winners in three categories based on the size of the company. For 2023, NorthWind was selected as the winner in the “medium-sized business” category.  NorthWind was also named System Integrator of the Year in 2019 in the “small business” category.

System Integrator of the Year
NorthWind Technical Services is recognized by the Control Engineering Magazine as a 2019 System Integrator of the Year

This award is a tribute to the hard work and effort of the entire NorthWind Team. They continue to excel and amaze every day!

“This year’s System Integrator of the Year award recipients, selected from an outstanding field of applicants, are great examples of how the system integrator is integral to the growth of manufacturing,” said Bob Vavra, CFE Media content manager. “These companies demonstrate how to deliver cutting-edge technology to manufacturers in a cost-effective manner while managing ongoing production needs.”

Automated Project Development Process

NorthWind has been working to automate and streamline the entire process of designing, building, and programming control systems since 2005. The result of this effort is our an automated process that increases quality while reducing production time.

Software Solutions

We understand that each factory and manufacturing process is unique.
With that uniqueness comes the need for specialized and customizable reports and recipe management systems. Our PlantLOGIX™ set of software solutions was created internally, giving us the ability to tailor its features to your individual needs. Its features give you the tools to streamline and simplify your process, taking your plant to the next level and allowing you to get the most out of your automation system.

The NorthWind PlantLOGIX™ suite of software was developed with you in mind. Questions that were asked during development included: What would make customers’ processes run smoother and more efficiently? How can we get more data into operators’ hands so they can make informed decisions?


Data tracking software tool delivering event driven data collection and system monitoring


Designed specifically for formula storage, campaign management, and traceability


Accurately store lot numbers and weigh ingredients on the plant floor with this micro-ingredient hand-batching station

NorthWind PlantLOGIX Security

Set up users and roles in one application for your entire plant with this multi-applications user access management software

Industry Expertise

NorthWind brings more than just programming and design services to your project. We provide process expertise in a wide range of industries. With 10 different technical disciplines on staff, more than 140 years of combined process experience and OEM partnerships in multiple industries, we bring a wide range of industry experience to bear on every project. Having an understanding of your process that matches your own means you get a fully functional system on time the first time that exceeds expectations.

Pet Food Bag IconPet Food
NorthWind has thorough knowledge of the pet food manufacturing industry and food safety regulations. We can optimize your facility in everything the batching and recipe management system to continuous extrusion, coating and quality control.
Bread IconFood & Beverage
With an automation solution from NorthWind, you get more than just a control system. We draw on our many years of process experience to find the best automation solution and with features that fit your food processing needs.
PVC Plastic PipePlastics
As an automation leader in the plastics industry, NorthWind is your premier option when retrofitting an older system, adding a new production line, or incorporating new equipment into an existing line.
Factory IconAdditional Industries
NorthWind engineers work in a variety of industries every day, adding new machinery, processes, or materials to our repertoire. We draw on our variety of experiences with each project to deliver a streamlined control system.


NorthWind affiliations with vendors and industry associations provide us with the tools and knowledge that bring many benefits to your company. With the product knowledge, learning opportunities and tools available through those partnerships we are able to provide you with the best automation solution possible.

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