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NorthWind QuikLOGIX®

The ability to modify, maintain and troubleshoot PLC programs has become an increasingly difficult task. Beyond the need for skilled personnel to accomplish this task, the complexity of the software requires continual training and/or expensive annual service agreements. NorthWind QuikLOGIX® is a program configuration tool that eases this burden. Developed in a .NET Visual Basic environment, the user-friendly interface allows personnel to make online program additions and modifications even if they aren’t seasoned programmers. And experienced programmers report typical time savings of 50-80%.

Designed to work with several PLC Family controllers, NorthWind QuikLOGIX enables programmers to utilize standard PLC code and easily link it to your configured program. Graphics generation is faster as well since NorthWind QuikLOGIX will export tags to your visualization packages. Program configurations can also be exported to a report and printed for system documentation.