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Automation solutions to fit your baking needs.
Automated recipe management and lot tracking capabilities can be fully integrated into your process including hand batching steps. We can also implement a NorthWind algorithm to control final dough temperature by using initial ingredient temperatures and
altering water temperature to offset heat.


We partnered with Mid South Baking Company to upgrade their control system. Upgrades include system simplification, Recipe Management and upgraded HMI graphics. From these system enhancements Mid South has gained a more flexible system, analyzed data they couldn’t access before, and seen a 50% reduction in troubleshooting time.



We understand the importance of flexibility when it comes to recipe management.

Making bread dough is not the same as making pizza dough and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality because you want to use an automated recipe management tool. With BatchLOGIX®, our premier recipe management software, recipes are created with machine set points not just ingredient usage. So if your bread dough needs to be kneaded longer than your pizza dough in order to achieve perfection, or if ingredients need to be added in a certain order, no problem! NorthWind’s Recipe Management tools allow you to be creative in order to achieve superior results every time.

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Our BatchLOGIX software stores and traces lot numbers and ingredients throughout your baking process.

Information is then stored in a database which allows for quick report generation and batching ingredients on the plant floor is an area of difficulty when it comes to lot tracking. You can eliminate errors and data gaps created by tracking lot numbers by hand, and seamlessly document lot numbers throughout your entire plant with BatchMATE®. BatchMATE is a NorthWind automated hand-add station that ties into our recipe management and lot tracking software. It allows you to scan ingredient lot and part numbers into your system, increasing the accuracy of ingredient management while reducing the time involved.


NorthWind makes it easy to collect and use the data that is available in your plant operation so you can make informed decisions.

We can help you collect information about everything from ingredient usage and system alarms to mixer amps or when a piece of equipment is due for maintenance. Information is stored in an SQL database that can be pulled up at any time for analysis and comparison to real-time data in BatchLOGIX or queried from a third party system.

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We know downtime is very costly in any baking operation, so we take additional steps to ensure that your plant stays up and running. One of the best ways to ensure uninterrupted operations is through redundancy. Redundancy increases run time by keeping common interruptions such as a server failure, power outage or a failed component from shutting your whole operation down. Hardware redundancy is when you have backup servers, battery backups, uninterruptible power supplies, etc. while software redundancy includes backup HMI client modules, BatchLOGIX modules, etc.

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The NorthWind PlantLOGIX software is explicitly designed to simplify and streamline your factory process. AlarmLOGIX®, BatchLOGIX®, and BatchMATE® were created specifically for the pet food industry to provide more visibility of your plant, seamless lot tracking and time savings.

BatchLOGIX® – A recipe management tool designed exclusively for recipe storage, campaign management and traceability. BatchLOGIX allows you to be as flexible as you need to be with your recipes. Customizable set points for both ingredients and process equipment can be configured in the system. Historical data can also be accessed through easily customized reports to target specific information using filters. Once created, reports can be exported to Excel, WORD, RTF, or PDF for sharing.

NorthWind PlantLOGIX Security

With NorthWind PlantLOGIX™ Security, users are able to log in and navigate seamlessly between all applications in your automation system. As an added safety feature, users are automatically logged out after a pre-set time of inactivity, helping to keep your system secure. The chip in employee badges can also be utilized with an RFID reader for user log in.


BatchMATE® – Hand batching ingredients is a necessary, but often error-prone step in most pet food facilities. BatchMATE helps eliminate operator error by quickly guiding them through the weighing process. Ingredient ID and lot numbers must be scanned before ingredients can be weighed, ensuring automated lot tracking and ingredient accuracy.

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